Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's convention time! Although I think I would be sick if I actually attended the Democratic National Convention, I enjoy watching it on TV : ) Last night I spent most of my time on PBS, but flipped back and forth during the commentary time (Yay Tom Brokaw!) to get some different perspectives.

Speech #1:
I thought Nancy Pelosi's speech was a little...ummm...mechanical. I was slightly disappointed since I do like her, but she acted like a robot.

Speech #2:
(there were other speeches in between, but I didn't pay too too much attention to them)
Ted Kennedy was pretty awesome making such an impassioned speech while undergoing treatment for his inoperable brain tumor. I especially liked his "pass the torch" section in which he engaged the young generation to take responsibility for our country's future. Say what you want about the Kennedy's, but they are modeling a "to whom much is given, much is expected" lifestyle. I think it is important when a man who can afford whatever kind of medical care he wants passionately campaigns for health care as a right and not a privilege.

Speech #3:
I was a little scared that Michelle Obama was going to be a robot like Nancy Pelosi, but I felt she really was speaking from her gut. The commentators explained that she had a big hand in writing the speech, and you could tell. If anyone in this country thinks that the Obama's are out of touch, you just need to look at their parents to see that they were raised like most of us are. Michelle Obama's dad was a blue collar worker and her mother a stay at home mom. My father is a white collar worker and my mother was a stay at home mom - in that aspect I had a more privileged upbringing in a Dallas suburb than she did in a Chicago apartment complex. To me, Michelle's speech hit home that she and Barack have spent their adult lives trying to give back to their community, help those less fortunate, and inspire those with means to use their gifts and talents to help the greater good. Yes, I'm pretty socialist in my political leanings. (I have often asked if one can be a social worker and a Republican at the same time....) If charity were taking care of the problem, I would rely on the goodness of common man. But charity isn't taking care of the problem, so I want to elect people to government office who will use our country's resources to help solve the problem.

I went to bed after Michelle's speech, so I don't really know what else happened. Tonight I'm interested to hear Hillary speak, and I am attending a watch party on Thursday for Barack's speech. I encourage everyone to watch the convention (PBS shows all of the speeches uninterrupted) and think about this election. I plan on watching the Republican national convention coverage next week to see what they have to offer, although I must admit I have a hard time listening to McCain talk. We'll see how far I get : )

Sunday, August 24, 2008

5 miles

Becky and I finally moved past our plateau and finished the Overton Park 5-mile Classic yesterday! I will not lie; I took two big walk breaks. Even with the walk breaks, I finished in an hour, at just over a 12-minute pace. Our first two miles were at an 11:40 pace, and our last mile was about the same, so although we didn't have a negative split, we were able to push through at the end. This is greatly due to the hill work and speed work we have done with the Women Run program through MRTC. Those practices have taught us how to run on tired legs, and I know for me the training paid off. We were lapped by the folks who finished first, and although it's never fun to be lapped, it was exciting to cheer for the winners as they passed us and marvel at their bodies keeping 5 minute paces. We finished last in our age group, but I still feel like it was one of the best races I have run!

Friday, August 22, 2008


noun - a person who worries or talks excessively about his or her health.

So yesterday, I'm sitting in the Kroger parking lot about to get some groceries, and I take a sip of water. For some reason, it is hard to swallow. I sit there for a moment, and realize that swallowing is actually really hard, as if there is something stuck in my throat or my tongue is taking up more room than it should. I look at the clock - 7:20pm. Is that enough time to make it to the Minor Med? I drive to the Baptist Minor Med across the street, but there is a large sign stating coldly that they do not accept my health insurance. So, I drive to Cordova, to the closest Methodist Minor Med, thinking all the time, "What if my throat swells up and I can't breath and I lose consciousness while driving??" I get to the Minor Med at 7:45pm; the secretary rolls her eyes as I walk in, because I am sure the entire staff was looking forward to going home at 8pm instead of seeing more patients. I explain my difficulty swallowing to the secretary, to a nurse, and then to a doctor.

There is apparently nothing wrong with me. No inflammation. No swollen anything. I get a prescription for something to gargle and make my throat numb (did not pick up...what's the point?), and a referral to an ENT if the problem persists. So, I spent $20, a good bit of gas, and my evening when I should have been grocery shopping to feel like an idiot.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Life update

When people ask the common, "how are you/what's up" question, how do you respond? I have a memory of telling my 3rd grade community basketball coach "I don't know" all the time when he asked, "What's up?" I think my 9-year-old self wanted a more specific question, like "How is school," or "Are you excited about being at basketball practice tonight?"

Lately, I have said "Oh, life..." when people ask "What's up?" I thought I might enter a little life update here on the blog, since the words never come to me in conversation.

1. Home - Jonathan and I were considering a change for a minute, but as soon as we kind of got on the same page together, we found out the change was not going to come. How's that for vague? The change would have involved a move and a job change, but it did not happen. After all of the dreaming/worrying about the change that turned out not to be, I find myself thankful for the position I am in right now. I was eager to embrace change, but now content that it has not come.

2. Work - Everyday is a new chance to learn more about management/supervision. I am still a new supervisor, and I vacillate between loving it and hating it. I think I'm becoming a better manager as time goes by. The best thing about my work is that I feel my personal interests and skills are being used daily, and that keeps me going.

3. Transportation - We are about to sell the Jeep, at which time we will go without a car for however long it takes us to save up for a new car (hopefully summer 09). This is an adventure, and we got a taste of it last weekend. We rode the bus to/from work Friday, completed all of our Saturday errands on foot, got a ride with the Coplins to our social event Saturday evening, rode the bus to/from church Sunday morning, biked to/from church Sunday evening, rode the bus to work Monday, got a ride with Becky to running group and a ride with Becky home. We are going to have to be better planners and say no to a few things, but we will make it work. I also now have ammunition for the day when my 16-year-old children ask for cars!

4. Running - Last week was a good running week, with advances both in speed work, tempo runs, and long runs. The goal of running the half marathon in December seems do-able for the first time! With the addition of biking on Sundays, I'm also increasing my overall fitness. Now I just need to add a core workout once a week.

5. Knitting/Crocheting/Sewing - I am almost done with a sweater/hat set, almost done with a blanket, and plan on breaking out the new sewing machine this weekend. The sewing machine has been sitting in a corner since December (gasp!) because I'm too much of a chicken to put it together. I kept telling myself I would take it to a store, but that entails making an appointment and paying for it. I'm just going to get out the instruction book and see if my memory from sewing as a kid comes back to me. My goal is to make birthday presents for my brother and sister-in-law using the sewing machine, and I see them Labor Day weekend, so that is my motivation to get on it! I will post pictures when these projects are done.

6. Bible Study - So with all of the stuff I do in my day, my Bible study definitely gets pushed to the very bottom of the priority list. Obviously that needs to change, and I will take all the encouragement I can get : ) I was better when I was part of a group Bible study, but I need to learn to be independent. Perhaps more thoughts on this later.

Okay, so that's the answer to "How are you today, Megan?"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wedding Weekend!

Last weekend was a Pollock family wedding, and we had a ton of fun! Thursday afternoon, my Mom and Dad drove in from Dallas, picked up Jonathan and me, and we headed up to Lacrosse, Wisconsin. On the way, we stopped in at Lambert's (home of the throwed rolls) and ate way too much food!! But honestly, when someone yells "HOT ROLLS" you cannot help but throw your hands up in the air : ) We arrived in Wisconsin Friday late afternoon, dropped our stuff at the hotel and went to my aunt and uncle's home for bbq and family time. I LOVE my family, l-o-v-e them! We are all strewn about the country, so we only get to see one another at weddings and funerals and occasional family reunions. The last time we were all together was August 2006 for my grandfather's 80th birthday party. Of course, a Pollock family gathering would not be complete without some political banter and when-are-you-going-to-give-us-some-babies conversation. My Great Uncle Archie asked me what I was going to do when I get my Master's Degree, and I told him "make babies," to which he gave me a big hug. (There are no children past my generation yet in the family). The Pollock women presented Kate, the bride, with a basket containing the family cookbook, various kitchen utensils, and all of the random ingredients one needs to make the stuff from the cookbook. My contribution was a bottle of Corky's BBQ sauce and fluted cookie cutters (for my favorite recipe - jam tarts).

Saturday morning I got a pedicure with my cousins Lauren and Maggie, Aunt Mary, and Mom. Then my sister Katie, her boyfriend Navy Scott (my brother's name is Scott....so I have Brother Scott and Navy Scott), Dad, and Jonathan joined us for lunch at a cute little coffee shop. Then back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful and tailored very well to the bride (Kate) and groom (cousin Nate). They are both musical and there was a lot of music, performed by the college choir Kate was formerly in. The girls were beautiful, the boys were handsome - great wedding! The reception was a lot of fun, and it served as another mini-reunion for the Pollock clan. I think the hit was when Aunt Mary pulled out a mini bottle of Jack and then proceeded to pass out more mini bottles she had stashed in her purse. Cousin Andrew also shared the Jack from his hip flask. Ah, yes, my family.... Can you expect the Scotch-Irish to celebrate without whiskey? Honestly! Post wedding we switched clothes and headed to the bowling alley for more fun : ) I think bowling should be like golf - lowest score wins!

Sunday morning we said goodbye to my sister and Navy Scott, and then attended a present opening with the bride and groom. I think this must be a midwestern thing - we did not have a present-opening reception the day after the wedding, but the three weddings I have been to in the midwest all had these. Thoughts? Nate and Kate will have a very nice home with their gifts, and they were very cute opening everything to "ooo's" and "ahhhh's." We headed to my aunt and uncle's home for an afternoon of knitting, playing games, taking naps, and general goofing off. We went to see a movie together and then played more games!

Monday morning, Jonathan, Mom, Aunt Sue, Cousin Joshua and I went to Noah's Ark, the largest waterpark in America. We had a lot of fun, and everyone laughed at me because I get very scared on any type of amusement/water park type rides. Unfortunately the day ended early due to a thunderstorm, but we still had a fun day getting to play. Monday evening we took my Gran and Grandfather on a river cruise of the Mississippi and celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. It was relaxing and great to spend the time with everyone. Of course we headed for ice cream afterward, and then back to Aunt Sue and Uncle Earl's house for more games.

Tuesday morning we had brunch with the family before making our way back to Memphis. A nice end to a long weekend of fun!

I have a bit of the first-day-back-from-vacation blues, but I am trying to be happy : ) I will try to post some pictures from the weekend later on tonight.