Friday, July 30, 2010

New study about reducing foster care population

Had to plug Youth Villages at least once more before I leave!

Please check out this study that cites a 34% reduction in the number of children in Tennessee foster care since 2000. It highlights to work of Youth Villages with TN DCS.

What I learned on our trip to Texas

1. "Dry heat" is a myth! It is just as humid in central Texas as it is in Memphis!

2. It is pronounced San Marcis, not San MarcOs. Apparently that is the California way of saying it, and you will stick out as a foreigner if you say it that way.

3. I need to learn how to make sweet tea, for my husband's survival. (I am open to suggestions!)

4. Any time is a good time to jump in the San Marcos River for a swim! (I did not personally experience this, but every time we drove by - including during a thunderstorm - people were in the river.)

5. You can buy wine in the grocery store and a pitcher of Shiner Bock at the local pizza place!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Okay, with the pending move, I have been asked five million times, "You're on facebook, right?"

No, no I'm not. I really don't like facebook, although I've never been a member. I feel like all of this instant, technocentric communication is hurting our ability to have deep relationships. We are losing the skills of communicating our differences in a constructive, respectful way. I know this is entirely hypocritical of me to write about my loathing of social networking on a blog! Oh well.

So, here is my dilema: I'm moving to another state, and facebook has the potential to help me stay easily connected to my friends here in Memphis. But I don't like facebook. Ughh....

Please help me out by letting me know what you love or hate about facebook, and let me know if you think I should join. I appreciate your feedback!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jon helps us pack...

Jon is very excited about all of the boxes in our living room!
We are heading out to San Marcos, TX at the beginning of August. Jonathan accepted a teaching position at Texas State University! After about 9 months of trying to find a job, we are very relieved that he has a full time position for the fall. Currently it is just a one year position, but it may have the potential to be extended. San Marcos is just outside of Austin, and we are looking forward to taking in all that Austin has to offer. So grab your inner tube and Shiner koozie, and come on down to central Texas!