Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quick update

Life continues on at a steady pace here in San Marcos!  I have been helping out at Jon's school a bit more this semester, although my sweet husband yesterday said that maybe I should learn to say 'no' more.  Was that because I was crying on a Friday afternoon because my son was refusing to take a nap for the 6th consecutive day, and I had not been able to get my monumental list of weekly to-do's done?  Probably.  Oh well, I constantly struggle with trying to get everything done and live up to the expectations I put on myself as a stay at home mother.  Seriously, I don't know how families with bunches of kids and/or two full-time working parents manage it - I am in awe!

Here are a few moments from our home over the past couple of weeks:

Jon likes to wear his drum as a helmet, and he thinks he's pretty cool.  One day he said that now that he has a helmet, he can ride a bike like a big boy!  We'll see : )  I have thought about investing in a balance bike, as it seems to ease the transition into big kid bike.  Anyone had experience with them?

Our first LEGO gun.  *sigh*

Reading with Daddy - one of the few moments in the day when he is still (though he is playing with LEGO blocks while he listens to the story)!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A few sweet moments

I am mostly recording this here as a reminder for my future self, but I hope you get a kick out of these moments as well.  As an almost 3 year old, Jon definitely has his challenging days, but he is also so incredibly sweet, curious, and happy!  Here are some moments I have enjoyed this week:

- "I...K...hey!  That spells IKEA!" reading from the bottom of his breakfast plate on Saturday.  I nearly cried, and had to call the grandparents.  His first word to read on his own, and it is the name of a store...

- "This little piggy went to Target..."  Oops...I guess he really does love his stores, doesn't he?

- "Mama, work this puzzle with me on the couch," or "Mama, come play with me, please," or "Mama, you can't do the laundry. You have to play with me." 

- "Where did my penny go?  Maybe I wost it."  He has a toy penny.  Yes, I know it is a choking risk, but he is kind of past putting random things in his mouth, and he LOVES to play with that penny. 

- "Is Sigma so cute, Mama?  I love her!"  "Is that Mr. Knecht? (at church)  I love Mr. Knecht!"  "Is that Snoopy and Woodstock?  I love Snoopy and Woodstock!"  Pretty much any "Is that ____?  I love ____!"

- "Where do we go on Tuesday?"  Often at the breakfast table, we talk about the day to come.  This morning, he started the conversation, and I was so impressed he knew that is Tuesday.  It may have been a coincidence, of course!