Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One firefighter

In my last blog post, I wrote about Jon's new words. I think I'm just so happy, because I thought this kid was never going to start talking! It seems like everyday he says more new words, and I am very excited to see him learning. Of course, it is also much easier to communicate when both of us talk! His newest words are 'yay,' 'hi,' 'no,' 'now,' and 'bye,' although he pronounces it 'die.' Jon hasn't so much gotten down the 'b' sound - all of his 'b' words come out as 'd' words. Normal, anyone? So throughout the day, I hear "die tar" (bye guitar), "two cat yay!" and much more. He has the number two down, and sometimes three, but that's about it. Today he was playing with a car, and here was our conversation:
Megan: One car, Jon (holding up one finger)
Jon: Two car? (holding up two fingers)
Megan: No Jon, one car.
Jon: Two car? (holding up two fingers)
Megan: No sweetie, one car.
By that time, he just gave up. A little later he did indeed have two cars in his hands, at which point he exclaimed, "two car, yay!"

So here is one firefighter: (eating a cookie)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated Jonathan's birthday last night with dinner out and a birthday cake! (Note: eating actual birthday cake with birthday cake ice cream is TOO MUCH!) We tried out a new restaurant for us, Japaneiro Latino. I had to take a picture because I thought the name of the restaurant was hilarious. I was expecting some Japanese Latin fusion, and they did have some interesting sushi rolls. The one I picked out was topped with crawfish, something I had never experienced before. Jonathan ordered two rolls that were almost too beautiful to eat, but he ate them anyway ; ) Jon pretty much ate rice. We ordered some tempura for him, but he wasn't really interested. He spent most of the dinner coloring.

Now Jonathan's entry is going to be overcome by proud mom news. Jon's vocabulary has really blossomed lately! I was a bit worried about his words, and I was hoping that preschool two days a week would help. He has added 'shoes,' 'bye,' 'two,' 'orange,' and 'nose' to his vocabulary just in the past week or so. This morning while I was changing his diaper, he pointed to his nose and said nose for the first time. I gave him two high fives for that, and of course he had to say 'two.' At his last pediatrician visit, she asked if he was putting two words together, and he wasn't : ( but now he says "two shoes" and "Mama shoes" or "Dada shoes" so we think that he is headed in the right direction. Of course his favorite word is 'guitar' - or as he says it 'tar.' I really wanted to get him an IKEA kids kitchen for Christmas, but I think we might be getting him a guitar.

Back to Jonathan now! Big Happy Birthday to the best husband and daddy in the world : ) We love you very much!