Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My TV guilty pleasure

For the first time ever, I watched a reality show from start to finish - even anticipating Tuesdays when I could either go online or use my iPhone to watch the next episode!  I was hooked on The Biggest Loser this season.  I have never watched it before, but for some reason I started watching it and kept watching it.  I know, I know, the weight loss tactics they use can be really harmful, shaming, etc. and tons of previous contestants gain the weight back.  The positive thing for me has been when I have wanted to eat some candy or slack off in a workout, I have thought back to some of the people on the show, and that has motivated me to stay on track.  I am also encouraged in our work to provide Jon with healthy food and some form of exercise every day.  So now that the season is over, I guess I'll just go back to my normal reality show-free existence!  Now, House of Cards is another animal all together!  While I find the characters vile, I somehow feel a need to find out what happens to them next.  That's just what Netflix wants me to think, and I have fallen for the trap.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Enchanted Rock (Jon's first camp out)

We started off our Spring Break with a little overnight camp out at Enchanted Rock with some friends from church.  I actually documented this, because it was Jon's first camp out!  He was very excited, probably because he loves the story "Curious George Goes Camping."  He chose to wear his fire fighter boots, though I hope he wasn't expecting a fire like in the book.

Jonathan setting up the tent, and Jon "helping."

Testing out the tent!

By the time we got everything set up, it was too dark to take any outdoor pictures.  I cooked steaks and peppers for dinner, and we ate with the "college kids" of the church, although only one or two of them are still in college : )  After dinner, we roasted marshmallows, and Jon enjoyed his first s'more!  I broke my no-sugar rule to enjoy one with him.  It was worth it!  Here he is about to snuggle down into bed in the tent.  He did a great job - slept all night without waking up.  There was so much wind, our tarp (covering up a hole in the rain shield...it's over 12 years old) flew off and landed in the campsite next to us.  Thankfully it didn't rain!

Enjoying bacon, eggs, and bread for breakfast.

"My compass says we should go left."

All the kiddos smiling before we take on the summit hike to the top of Enchanted Rock.

Taking a water break on the way to the summit.  We didn't take a picture from the top, but it was VERY steep and VERY windy!  So much so, that when we stopped for even a short period of time, I had to sit down on the rock.  I have this fear of falling...not heights, but falling.  And if you fell on this thing, I could image you tumbling down...  Needless to say, I had a death grip on Jon's hand while we were walking up.  Due to the wind, Jonathan and I thought we might just walk a little ways up and then hike back down, but whenever we suggested turning around, Jon started crying and said that we had to get to the top of the mountain.

Another break on the way down this time.

Enchanted Rock

So it doesn't look that big, but I promise it was!!  Still, it was a short little hike, and relatively toddler friendly.  I think it took us about an hour.

Tuckered out on the drive home.