Monday, July 27, 2009

The 5k on Saturday went fine. I went in with zero expectations, and just did what felt right. I ran, then walked, then ran, then walked...pretty much the whole thing. It was hot, but there were plenty of breezes. I stayed with the same pack most of the time. I was slightly disappointed in myself that I didn't run the whole thing, but I got over it pretty quickly.

I went home to eat breakfast, took a quick nap, and then did 3 hrs of yardwork with the boys from Youth Leadership Memphis, so I know I got a good work out : ).

Friday, July 24, 2009

Longest 15 seconds of my life

So I wanted to be one of those pregnant women who did not constantly talk about her developing child.

That is harder than it sounds to do!

Just wanted to post an update that I had a good visit at the doctor this morning and Baby Hulgan has a good, strong heartbeat. Of course, it took some poking and prodding with the doppler for the doctor to hear the heartbeat, and it was possibly the longest 15 seconds of my life. I thought I was a worrier before this pregnancy, but I have been on pins and needles all week about whether that little heartbeat would be there. Prayer has helped ease worry, but I need much more faith. I need to give my worry over to God, who I know will take care of me, no matter what happens with the baby.

Next appointment is the big ultrasound, where I will exhibit all the restraint I can to wait on finding out the gender of the baby : )

Tomorrow is the Walk.Run.Fight.AIDS 5k at Shelby Farms! I will be running much slower than normal, so don't be afraid to come out and pass by me : ) The funds go to support Friends for Life, and agency that helps with AIDS prevention as well as serves Shelby County Residents who are HIV/AIDS positive.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Start of the Memphis Marathon training season

If you are reading this and have not been outside today - get outside NOW! Memphis is enjoying an unseasonably cool, low humidity day in the middle of July, and it is fantastic!

This morning I headed out for the first marathon training run of the season at Breakaway running. No, I am not going to attempt the half marathon at 8 months pregnant. I want to try to stay as healthy as possible for baby, and peer pressure has always been my best motivator for exercise. There were a bunch of people at the store at 6:45am, most looking like seasoned runners but a few like me. My friend Justin from church was a welcome sight, and we ran the first three miles or so together. The group ran through Overton Park, and it was great! Thanks to the sub-70-degree temp, virtually no humidity, the pretty flat course, and the company of friends, I ran 5 miles (with a couple of walk breaks when my breathing got heavy). I was the last one back to the store, but I am very used to being at the back of the pack, and there were a handful of participants who only did 3 miles.

I know I cannot hope for similar weather for the rest of the summer, but the run this morning was encouraging. I originally thought I was completely back at square one fitness wise, and I would have to start this training season like last year - barely making it through 2 miles on the first day. Next Saturday is the Friends fo Life 5k at Shelby Farms. I am not going to try for any PRs, just a slow and steady pace to keep baby happy.

Oh, and I celebrated my accomplishment with pancakes from Cafe Eclectic! I pretty much came home and demanded (sweetly) that Jonathan take me there to eat : )

Friday, July 17, 2009

First real craving?

I think I had my first real craving today. A lot of people have asked if I have had weird food cravings, and I don't think I really have had any. I have plenty of aversions - unfortunately (or fortunately...depending on how you look at it) I cannot stomach Dr. Pepper or Dt. Coke anymore. I am just now getting back to eating sweet things. I actually passed up ice cream while in Buenos Aires because just the thought of eating something sweet made me ill. So back to my possible craving...

I was heading out of the office for lunch with the full intention of getting a Lenny's kids meal with a chicken salad sandwich. I have pretty much been living off of chicken salad since finding out I was pregnant. As I left the building, a lady came through the door holding an Arby's bag. Curly fries! I stopped at the gas station to fill up the car, telling myself that I should be healthy for the baby and get Lenny's instead of Arby's. But I could not get curly fries out of my head! I think I could actually taste them. It was awful. My willpower did not prevail, and I got a chicken sandwich and fries for lunch. They were possibly the best curly fries I have ever had in my life.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finally, I think I can report...

We have told almost everyone we know, so it might as well go up on the blog...

Baby Hulgan is due to arrive on January 26, 2010!

Definitely more to come later : )

Dodge This!

Looking for some healthy competition while staying cool in the AC??

WellWorx Sporting Club is hosting the 3rd annual Dodge This Dodgeball Tournament on Saturday, August 1st. Teams can be coed with 6-10 participants per team. The fee to enter is $180 per team, which includes registration, t-shirt, adult beverages throughout the day, and catered lunch...oh - and a trophy and bragging rights for the winning team! All proceeds benefit Youth Villages, a national nonprofit based in Memphis that helps emotionally disturbed youth and their families live successfully : )

For more info or to register, go to I will be working the event in my new role in the Youth Villages Development Department, and I would LOVE to see you there!!