Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting my act together

Okay, so I've been home now from work for a month, and I must admit I'm going a little stir crazy. Jon is semi getting into a routine, so I really have no excuse for sitting around doing nothing (like I have done today). He's eating pretty well every 3 hours during the day, so that gives me at least an hour and a half - if not two hours - while he's napping to do things that need to get done. (I am past the 'sleep when he is sleeping' phase. He sleeps for four to five hours at a time at night and goes straight to sleep when I put him back in his crib after a feeding, so honestly I feel pretty well rested.) Of the many things I should do during the day, here are a few: the laundry, general upkeep of the apartment, writing many thank you notes, planning dinner, finishing a stack of half-finished knitting projects, exercising, catching up on reading... But for the life of me, I can't get motivated to do anything!! Here is my idea of why I'm being super lazy: I know that I'm going back to work in four weeks, and I'm trying to veg out as much as I can while I don't have the responsibility of being out of the house 8 hours a day. That is a horrible excuse, but it's my excuse of the day.

Here is what I'm going to try tomorrow so that my day is not completely wasted - make a list! I love lists, and maybe if I make a list of what I need to do, I will do it! I am also going to keep the TV turned off. Darn you, Winter Olympics!! No TV tomorrow, and follow a list...that is my goal.

**I haven't completely wasted my day. I have fed and played with and tried to get down for naps the cutest little boy in the whole world : )

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two weeks...

Although I don't feel like I really do all that much in any given day, time is flying by at a rapid rate! Our day consists of cuddling in bed after the first morning feeding, playing a bit (or attempting to play as much as a two week old can play), feeding, getting Jon to take naps when he really wants to just stay awake, trying to remember to eat lunch, more feeding/playing/napping, a shower for me, and a lot of soothing as our little boy has started crying in the evenings. (Just for a little bit, maybe 10 minutes or so.)

Jon had his first check up on 2/12, and he did great! Our pediatrician was very pleased with his growth and gave us the go ahead to stretch day time feedings to every 3 hours and to let him sleep as long as he wants at night. So far, Jon has only made it four hours at a time, but that extra sleep is wonderful!! Here are his 2 week stats:
Weight: 9 lbs, 11 oz (81st percentile)
Height: 23 ins (97th percentile...are we surprised?)
Head Circumference: 37 cms (61st percentile)

Here are some pictures from Jon's 2nd and 3rd weeks:
Our apartment covered in the surprise snow from 2/8. I did not take my then 10-day-old out for snow pictures, so he will just have to believe us that he was there. This is the second snow of his short life!

The view across the street from 2/8. Jonathan walked across the street to got some needed groceries at the Tiger Market - another reason we love living in the city right across from a gas station : )
By Thursday, I had a bit of cabin fever! Since the temp warmed up to 40, Becky and I took a walk in Overton Park with Jon. This was his first visit to the park!! He did great, and I think he really wants to go back. I'm looking forward to taking him to the playgrounds and zoo when he gets a bit older. Once he is 8 weeks old, I'll be able to strap him in the baby jogger for walks.
Just a picture of how Jon likes to sleep: hands in 'touchdown' position, hips off to the side, and one leg crossed over the other. Yep, the sleep positioner lasted one night in our house. He rolls onto his side on his own and sometimes prefers sleeping like that.
"Playing" on the activity mat. I think I caught Jon looking at the red airplane the other day. He will hopefully enjoy this more as he gets older.
Helping Jonathan with his dissertation.
Before Jon's first excursion to Target on 2/15! Had to take a picture with some snow. Yes, it snowed again!!

All dressed up and ready to go to church on Sunday! Jon did great during his first church service. We were late (everything takes soooo long with a baby!!) so we sat in the cry room. He was awake for the first bit of the service, and he even smiled when Lenora was playing the organ!

Friday, February 5, 2010

More pics


playing with Aunt Katie

Why do you keep taking my picture?

First Week

Jon is 8 days old, and it is amazing how much has happened in just one week! I thought I'd share some firsts : )

Megan's firsts:
First time away from Jon: I went with my mom and sister to the grocery store on Monday afternoon. We were gone from the apartment for about 30 minutes, and yes...I cried when I told him goodbye before leaving for the store.
First time I could take care of myself since the C-section: I was able to dry off from my shower, get dressed, and tie my shoes on my own on Tuesday morning! I have never felt so humbled as when I had to have help from my husband to get out of the shower when I was first recovering.
First meal I cooked: I felt like I had been sitting around doing nothing, so I cooked a very simple pasta dinner Thursday night. Just fixing a meal made me feel a little bit more like a person!

Jon's firsts:
First bath: Jon didn't so much enjoy this bath Sunday night, but he recovered very quickly while snuggling with Jonathan.

First tummy time: I must admit that I'm not even sure how to engage Jon in tummy time. I just know we're supposed to do it! He does have some pretty strong neck muscles already. He doesn't cry during tummy time, but he does fall asleep : ) We've also enjoyed a lot of playing with his activity mat and some of his toys. Every day he spends more time awake and seems to be taking in everything with very wide eyes!
First walk: This was more for my benefit than Jon's! We got bundled up on Monday and walked about a block away from our apartment and back. It felt good for me to get out and stretch my legs, and hopefully Jon enjoyed the fresh air. It was our first time to use the Baby Bjorn, and we have learned that this device completely knocks our little boy out! We have taken him out in it three times, and he is always fast asleep in it (no matter what is going on around him) and sleeps for a long time after he is out of it.
First non-relative visitor at home: Becky and her mother came to visit us Wednesday morning! Jon was pretty much asleep the whole time, but he appreciated their visit : )

Jon also had his first trip to church on Wednesday afternoon while I took care of some World Mission Conference business, and he got to meet lots of wonderful people at 2PC. He had his first visit to Jonathan's office on Wednesday as well, and he got to meet people that Jonathan works with. Our first meal out with Jon was this afternoon to Lenny's by the Pottery Barn Outlet, where we bought some picture frames. He was in the Bjorn, so he was asleep the whole time : )

This first week has been so amazing, and I am very thankful for my mom staying in town to help us out while I fully recover from the C-section. She has helped clean, cook, do laundry, drive me around since I was advised not to drive, and watched Jon while I rested. We're on our own starting Sunday afternoon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome Jon!

We have our new little one with us! Jon Pollock Hulgan was born on Thursday, January 28th at 11:19am, weighing in at 9lbs 4oz and measuring 22 inches. We are so thankful for a healthy baby and healthy mom! Since my fluid was getting low and 5 hours of pitocin had caused no dialation, we did need a C-section. Since I had not had an epidural already, they had to give me a spinal block in the operating room, and Jonathan was not able to be in there with me during that part. I prayed my little heart out that God would quiet my heart and He definitely reassured me because I had amazing peace throughout the surgery. Jonathan was able to join me in the operating room once the doctor was ready to start cutting, and he was able to announce to the room that we had a boy!

We came home Saturday evening and we have been adjusting to life with our little Jon. He is super sweet and is usually very easily consolable. Sunday night he slept in his crib (in our room) and woke pretty much like clockwork every 2.5-3hrs to be fed, changed and then put back to sleep. Monday night...well, not so much. We're all learning together! Jonathan is a master swaddler, and he has been the perfect partner! During the night, he brings Jon to me, changes his diaper after feeding, and gets him back to sleep in the crib. I knew Jonathan would be a wonderful dad, and he is exceeding all expectations! (Sorry, had to brag about my wonderful husband!!)

Okay, here are pictures : ) I have no make up on in any of them, and normally I would not post pics of me looking so awful...but hey - I think you'll forgive me!

Two days before arrival
(knitting a hat to go with a sweater...note the UT orange)
Prep for C-section.
It took Jonathan a bit to figure out how to get all of his hair covered!
Proud Mommy
Proud Daddy
Our little Jon : )